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  • Happy Bees English Speaking Kindergartens operate on the basis of the Entry into the Register of Non-Public Schools and Institutions. It means that we are not a toddler's club or an academy but a preschool institution which:
    •       meets strict architectural and construction standards provided for this type of institutions
    •       employs staffs with pedagogical qualifications that comply with the Ordinance of the Ministry of National Education
    •       follows the  kindergarten curriculum provided by the Ministry of National Education
    •       operates on the basis of the Kindergarten Statutes
    •       is supervised by the Education Office, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, Fire Brigade and district authorities

    * Small groups of 10 to 12 children
    Small groups create better relations between teachers and children as well as parents. They help us respond faster and solve all childcare problems more effectively, also in cooperation with you. In such groups children assimilate into the group of peers more quickly, they establish first friendships and they adjust to a new place.

    * Teaching staff experienced in work with pre-school children.
    The teachers in Happy Bees have graduated studies with a specialization in pedagogy. They have also great experience gained in the best Wrocław kindergartens. But, what is the most important, our teachers are very warm, patient persons, passionate about children.

    * Opening hours 7.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.
    We are at your disposal all year long from Monday to Friday between 7.00 – 18.00.
    If necessary, we can stay open longer on the basis of individual agreements.

    * Advanced English Teaching Programme
    The advanced English teaching programme in Happy Bees involves not only everyday classes adjusted to the preschool age but mainly conversations in English made while performing everyday tasks and playing, teaching rhymes, songs, etc.
    The preschool age is an excellent time for developing language skills. It is the most intense period of development of child's ability to speak, therefore it is the best time for learning languages. A child absorbs languages naturally and gets the correct pronunciation and accent without any effort. The earlier the children start their contact with a foreign language the easier they learn it, and the chances that they will be able to communicate easily in this language in the future are also getting bigger.
    We would like the children attending Busy Bees to use as wide range of English words and phrases as possible. We would like them to break the barrier of speaking a foreign language and be open for further learning at the next stages of education.
    We teach English in Happy Bees on two levels:
    •       first of all through contact and being exposed to English in everyday life situations. Teachers speak English with children while performing everyday tasks, playing and going for a walk. This method helps the children to familiarize with correct patterns of expressions, understand the spoken language,  become accustomed and develop the ability to articulate words and short sentences. We also employ a native speaker that the children have contact with every day,
    •       additionally, all children participate in classes adjusted to the preschool age, where children learn through fun. The classes are organised 5 times a week and they are 20-40 minutes long (depending on the age group).

    * Extended physical and sport activities
    In Happy Bees we offer diversified and professional activities aimed at development of physical fitness of children: games and activities involving physical movement, physiotherapy exercises, eurhythmics classes, dance classes and additional classes such as ballet, speech and music therapy.
    Children at the preschool age easily develop habits that are good for health, proper development, physical fitness and physical abilities. Exercises help to shape the figure and such features as flexibility, jumping ability and what is the most important at this age - coordination and the awareness of one's body. A child learns how to control movement and how to control oneself. They learn such natural movements as walking, running, jumping, etc.
    The classes which combine movement and music, such as dance, eurhythmics or ballet help the children to open up, make them more self confident and facilitate communication with peers. By learning short choreographic routines children develop their memory and learning skills by copying.
    Activities involving physical movement included in the obligatory curriculum:
    •       eurhythmics classes
    •       advance programme of dance classes
    Activities co-financed by Parents:
    •       Developmental Movement Method by Veronica Sherborne
    •       speech and music therapy
    We offer the following additional classes (against a fee):
    •       ballet
    •       physiotherapy exercises
    •       judo
    We are open to any suggestions of Parents as to the extension of the above-mentioned offer.
    Additional classes will start only if the minimum number of five children is reached.

    * Environmental Education
    We did not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We have borrowed it from our children.  Lester Brown

    We believe that development of environmental habits in our children will pay off in the future with larger awareness of environmental protection, methods for saving water and energy in everyday life, etc.
    In Happy Bees we teach about environment protection during everyday games and regular activities such as going for a walk, washing hands or using a toilet.
    We also want to make the children emotionally connected with their environment and to make them understand that they are an inseparable part of it.

    * Close relation and cooperation between teachers and parents
    We understand how important it is for the Parents to receive reliable information about their child. That is why you can obtain from us any information about your child's day: what was happening to your child for the entire day, how much they ate, whether they cried or not and whether they succeeded in peeing into the potty :) Out Parents may ask about anything and, as far as possible, we will reply to all questions.

    * Healthy Eating
    Nutritious meals popular among children are delivered to our kindergarten by a catering company Kalzeon, approved by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and located in Wrocław at 10 Brucknera Street. The company has been operating since January 2009 and its main line of business involves all-day catering for kindergartens and schools.
    Meals for kindergartens are prepared according to the rules of healthy eating, taking into account the requirements of children at different ages. Dinner sets are very diversified and dishes are selected in such a way as to ensure all elements required for the proper functioning of a young body. Meals are selected in such a way as to ensure that children will enjoy eating them and that they will not have any difficulties with eating. Menus are flexible. The dishes unpopular among children may be eliminated - the company is willing to take into account individual needs and prepare diet meals for children suffering from allergies or constipation.
    Our kindergarten has implement the HACCP system that is considered to be the most effective tool ensuring the safety of food.

    * New buildings meeting required standards
    Happy Bees is located in new buildings with the surface area of approx. 200 sq m, maintained in sunny, warm colours pleasant to children. They are equipped according to the strict standards of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and the Fire Brigade

    * Fully equipped, safe playgrounds
    Happy Bees have large, attractive playgrounds holding all necessary safety certificates.
    As an additional attraction we have a mini-garden created and tended by children where they can learn how to tend plants and where they gain practical knowledge about nature.

    © Happy Bees 2021

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