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  • The curriculum of Happy Bees takes into account the individuality of each child as a human being undergoing developmental changes.

    The most important principles of our kindergarten:
    •       We believe that it is not the age but the level of development that determines the behaviour and interests of a child.
    •       The role of fun in the education of children is of great significance to us.
    •       We use the rhythm of nature, seasons of the year, holidays to plan and perform the teaching and education process.
    •       We pay special attention to the role of senses, multisensory cognition and the importance of this way of cognition in the child's development.

    While teaching our children we follow the core curriculum for preschool education recommended by the Ministry of National Education.

    This curriculum is enhanced with the following methods:
    * Think-Arrange-Check (Pomyśl-Ułóż-Sprawdź). It is a universal education system that combines learning, fun and self-control. It gives children pure joy and satisfaction from the effects of independent actions performed through fun.
    * The Good Start Method- simultaneous development of speaking, perceptual, visual, hearing, tactile, kinesthetic and motor functions and improvement of cooperation between these functions.
    * Global Reading - a method intended even for small children.
    * Developmental Movement Method by Veronica Sherborne* – one of the most popular general development methods in Poland used during physical education and treatment for the disabled.
    * Speech and music therapy* – one of the methods applied in speech therapy based on the rhythm of music and words harmonized by music and combined with the movements of the entire body. Speech and music therapy is a peculiar form of combination of eurhythmics and speech therapy.

    * classes co-financed by Parents –  for details please visit Classes and Fees.

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